jsvnstat 2.0 released

nox themeSo I finally got around to update jsvnstat.

+ interface detection and interface selector. Idea: Vitali, mike2nl
+ nox theme and theme selector
+ more settings (date format, dropdowns, theme)
* refactoring (better separation, vnstat info by-name). Idea: Teemu Toivola, Ian Kumlien
* improved number display in table
* made hour table behave more like the others (current hour first). Idea: Ian Kumlien
* updated flot and jQuery libs

» Demo

» Download verion 2.0

Note: Ensure that you webserver allows popen


Also, it's now available on sourceforge if you want to contribute

jNetMap 0.5.3 is here!

I'm happy to announce the long overdue release of version jNetMap 0.5.3.
The "reports" feature has been delayed in favour of releasing the fixes for Java 1.7 related to loading maps. Special thanks to Delton Giacomozzi for translating jNetMap to Portuguese.

» Download «


Full list of changes:

+ device icon themes
+ custom device labels
+ zoom reset
+ interface list in info sidebar
+ Portuguese translation by Delton Giacomozzi
+ status history for devices/interfaces (for last seen, reports)
+ "quiet time" for notifiers
+ makefile support
+ credits in about dialog
+ advanced settings button
+ device types: pbx, pda and plc
+ latency info for interfaces
+ added by-name choice for interfaces

* java 1.7 compatibility (i.e. loading saved maps)
* natural sorting for plugins in menu
* duplicate entries in network scanner
* improved notifier preference dialog
* connection line type set dynamically
* improved address handling (use hostname if possible instead of IP)

jNetMap: Slow development

Ever yince I stared to work as a Software Engineer back in December of 2011, jNetMap development has been very slow. That's because the last thing you'll do after a day of coding is write more code. In other words, it's not dead - but is is hibernating.

Soooo... if you wanna help out - feel free to contact me ;-)

jNetMap upcoming feature: Reports

Ok, so I'm not getting quite as much work done as fast as I would like, since - you know - I have an actual job now ;-) , but I'd like to share an upcoming feature with you anyway: Reports!

  • unfoldable, zoomable graphs
  • sortable table

What d'ya think?

Updated: jNetMap 0.5.2

  • Arabic translation
    Thanks to Samuel K. Michael, Zeki Abdulaali and Arick McNiel-Cho!
  • Language fallback (show English if current translation is missing this word)
  • Proper UTF-8 support
  • Better "About" layout

» Download

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