jNetMap helps you to keep an eye on you network. You can draw a graphical representation of your network, and jNetMap will periodically check if the devices are still up or a service is still running. You can also set up E-mail notifications or let jNetMap execute a script when a device goes down or comes up again. Additionally, you may attach notes to a device, initiate an RDP/VNC/SSH connection to a device and much more.

Note: jNetMap is not a network discovery/auditing tool, there are better tools out there for that. And for an enterprise grade monitoring solution, you should check out Nagios instead. The idea here is to have a mission control center-style display for networks.

Quick Start

  • Create a new file (Menu: File > New).
  • Scan your network for devices (Menu: Tools > Network Scanner).
  • The Network Scanner will automatically use the IP-Range of your first active network-connection. Change IP/Subnet if necessary. (Hint: Use CIDR-Notation in the first field and hit enter).
  • Click “Scan”, wait for a moment, then click “Add”.
  • jNetMap will magically find the best ping-method, name and other settings for the devices and add them to the map.
  • Drag the devices to an appropriate position on the map or choose a layout from View > Layout.


... not what you were looking for? There was another project that was called jNetMap back in 2006, you can visit it here.